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For many small home applications, a low-horsepower compressor can be plugged in to any offered 120 volt wall socket. Air tools should be powered by an air compressor that can provide enough pressure and volume. These compressors can go up to three horsepower or higher. Models rated at five horsepower and above are hard-wired for use in 240 volt systems. Chances are, your home applications won't require such a powerful machine, but if you aren't sure whether your home or shop can handle the load, double check the voltage requirements on the compressor and get some guidance from your local power company if you need more voltage than your current electrical system can provide. Marketing is the key to boost your retail sales. Compute and get your cost basis right to avoid unnecessary billings and fixtures that your business don't need. Setup a powerful profit pulling offer for your clients to boost your retail business. be as low as possible. It is extremely important to set up a powerful marketing campaign to boost the power of your sales presentation.|Negotiate with suppliers of the fixed cost items to achieve the lowest cost possible for your business. It is also important that you provide an urgency effect along with your offer which will make it more powerful and irresistible. Setup a powerful benefit oriented sales copy that focuses on the main benefits of the products that you are selling.}

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